Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 5 Myrtle Beach Vacation Series
Try to plan ahead on the big things.  Such as if you're planning on doing a jet ski dolphin tour, book ahead for a discount.  Here's a favorite place of mine: Thomas Water Sports
A good dinner show to book ahead
Start planning your MB vacation here:
A good tiger adventure for the kids

The main destination for my family is the beach.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the day.  (Don't forget the sunscreen)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 4 Myrtle Beach Vacation Series
Decide on the drive---Are you going to try to drive right through to the destination or going to split the time and stay overnight somewhere? If you do stay overnight, choose ahead for the best deal. 
You can go through (if you're not a member, join, it's free!)
There are many hotel chains that you can earn cash back on.  I've found that you can usually get a good deal anytime before the vacation, so no pressure to book early.  Of course if you are staying in a place where there's an event going on, you should try to book early. 

You can do gas price checks for your route here, AAA fuel cost calculator.  That way you can estimate your gas price right into your trip.