Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to save with Ebates

Recently I joined Ebates.  Ebates is a site where you earn cash back for shopping thousands of shops online.  I learned a trick that you can do to.  Here's the deal.  Go and join Ebates by clicking on the link in this post.  You can then search Plastic Jungle while you log into your ebates account.  Plastic jungle is a place where you can buy unwanted store gift cards for less than their value.  Usually up to 25% off their value.  (My choice is Kohls, but there are many, many, choices)  So I buy the card, wait a couple days for it to come in the mail and then go back to Ebates to shop online at Kohls.  You should shop at Kohls while the things you are looking for is on sale and then get your items and go to the checkout.  You can then google the internet for coupon codes  I always use Retail Me Not, they always have the codes I need for at least 20% off at Kohls almost anytime.  So you're at the check out, put in your coupon code and then your gift card code.  You can get some great steals.  For example.  Recently I purchased a gift card at plastic jungle for $63 for $75 at Kohls.  Then I shopped on a 20% off day and they were giving Kohls Cash.  The retail value of the merchandise I received for $63 was $137!  Then I received $10 in Kohls cash for my next purchase and I earned almost $5 in cash back from Ebates.  So in Essence, I paid $48 for $137 worth of clothes for my 3 year old's summer wardrobe.  Not too shabby! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New again

Today I'm committing to re-starting this blog, and my goal is to make it bigger and better than ever.  I realize I got off track last year and didn't follow through.  I found that I've done that with several things that mean a lot to me and i'm going to start again, using the "bite size pieces" concept that Money Saving Mom talks about in her recent book.  I've spent a great deal of time reading her blog, and others, in my quest to save my family money on anything that I possibly could.  So please read and check back often, as each day you'll see another post, re-organization of this page, and some tips for your family to save money.  Every so often, you may see one of my rants, such as yesterday's post.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it all.  Send me comments, suggestions, or ideas!  Any comments are welcome.  Tammy-------

Monday, April 9, 2012

When did Easter become Christmas?

We had such a nice Easter this year with my 3 year old Samantha.  We woke up and the Easter bunny was kind to her, a nice basket with a few assorted candy, some fruit snacks, home made peanut butter and coconut eggs, 1 doll and a couple pair of flip flops that she would use for the spring/summer.  Sensible, I spent less than $30 on everything.  We went to church, went to our sister in laws where we had a nice Easter dinner and spent the afternoon with family.  She had fun playing ball and just hanging out with the extended family.  Great Easter!!!  Then I see the posts of kids who woke up to bikes, 7 movies and clothes, quads, expensive gifts.  I'm just wondering when Easter turned into another version of Christmas and what it really means to you and your family?