Monday, April 9, 2012

When did Easter become Christmas?

We had such a nice Easter this year with my 3 year old Samantha.  We woke up and the Easter bunny was kind to her, a nice basket with a few assorted candy, some fruit snacks, home made peanut butter and coconut eggs, 1 doll and a couple pair of flip flops that she would use for the spring/summer.  Sensible, I spent less than $30 on everything.  We went to church, went to our sister in laws where we had a nice Easter dinner and spent the afternoon with family.  She had fun playing ball and just hanging out with the extended family.  Great Easter!!!  Then I see the posts of kids who woke up to bikes, 7 movies and clothes, quads, expensive gifts.  I'm just wondering when Easter turned into another version of Christmas and what it really means to you and your family?

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