Friday, April 20, 2012

Try new things to make extra money...

Today I wanted to write something short about how to earn some extra cash.  Whether you're trying to save for a vacation, new roof, or something special to you; we all need extra cash.  Figure out what you are passionate about and love.  I love shopping and I love trying to save the most money when I shop.  Clipping coupons, finding great deals and doing whatever you love to do is something you look forward to.  That's me.  :)
All of my adult years, I always looked for opportunities to make extra cash.  I've been a small Hoagie shop owner, Tupperware lady, Avon Lady, sold flowers at a local flower tent and now i'm into customizing acrylic cups for resale.  I've sold on Ebay, Craigslist, yard sales and Flea Markets.  Just figure out for yourself what you love or what your goal is and go for it.  REMEMBER THIS:  If something you try doesn't work out for the best and you decide it wasn't meant to be, you didn't fail.  At least you tried.

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