Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Friendly East Coast vacation Series

I've decided to do a series this week on a favorite budget friendly vacation spot of mine, Myrtle Beach.

Day 1
First, booking your place to stay.  Normally I start looking in January to book our vacation for July/August time frame.  The reason being is that you have the most choices available.  Sure you can grab a place around the time you're ready to go, but it's more than likely going to cost you more because you won't have as many choices.   Going with Family?  Get those plans nailed down first.  I can't tell you how many times i've made plans with someone that didn't work out, but if you are confident that you have the right people in line, it can save you even a greater amount of money.  For instance, if I were to find someone who needed 1BR I could split the cost of this condo and we could live happily ever after.  You have to be sure of that, because even if you both go in your own direction, you  have to spend the week with them.  I've searched and searched, done a lot of research on my most favorite place to be, the beach. I live on the East Coast, so that is mainly my destination for a value vacation for the family.  My family consists of 3.  For all the reasearch I've done, I always come back to Myrtle Beach for the most budget friendly.   Typically I can get an ocean front 2BR condo for around $900 for a week during peak season.  That's a great price for the entire East Coast.  Normally I search VRBO or Home Away to find deals on condo's directly from the owner.  Normally it is a little more cost effective rather than going through a realtor.  Condo's in the same building are priced at a higher cost going through a realtor.  Based on the qualities that you want, you can have a pool, elevator (which is important because you'll be grocery shopping), restaurant's on site, etc. 

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